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Vianna Von Weyhausen

Vianna, the Founder and Director of Canines for Africa, was born in Zimbabwe.  When not in the field with her units, she is currently based in the U.S., where she is a Visiting Scholar at Texas A&M University.

A life-long conservationist and philanthropist, Vianna has a variety of wildlife experience, including fieldwork, fundraising, advising, management and start-ups. She is a founder member of Peace Parks Club and of WildInvest, and has been involved in various capacities with Tusk Trust, Support for Africa, the Sahara Conservation Fund, AfriCat, The Red Cross, Bonobo Conservation Initiative.


Vianna is a Visiting Scholar at the department of Ecology and Conservation Biology at Texas A&M University. In addition to her research work here, it is planned that she will lead students in a special study abroad programme at K94A headquarters in South Africa.

Canines for Africa is fortunate to work in collaboration with Canine Conservation. The training of both our dogs and rangers is carried out by K9 Conservation, one of the best organisations in the conservation K9 service industry.

Conraad Geza De RosneR

Director, K9 Conservation

A South African, our Chief of Operations and head trainer Conraad has twenty-six years bush experience under his belt. Starting his career as a game ranger in Zululand, Conraad became a police reservist in the Special Protected Species Unit, and has specialised for the last seventeen years in training and working with canine units in the counter-poaching arena. 


Conraad leads a formidable team, all members of which have extensive experience working with K9 counter-poaching units and have wide first-hand knowledge of the unique situations facing rangers in the field. He is also committed to providing the highest possible level of training to his students, both human and canine.

K9 Conservation dog.jpg

K9 Conservation

Growing up in a political and farming family in South Africa's Highveld, Anke adopted at a very early age the determined stance for principles of justice for wildlife that now guide her life.

Anke became South Africa's youngest armed female field ranger in 2017 and is also a qualified field guide and a wildlife conservationist.  When not assisting Conraad in training our units, she is following her main passion - being on the operational forefront against wildlife criminals, a place she plans to stay for as long as she is physically able to.

Ed Curtis 

In loving memory of Ed Curtis

A true conservationists and passionate friend 

of Canines for Africa.

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K9 NASSAU & Azola. jpeg.jpeg
Dog units 

Based at our training centre in Hoedspruit, South Africa, we breed many of our own high quality puppies. In our repertoire we have: 

  • German, Dutch and Belgian Shepherds and their crosses for our tactical anti-poaching dogs (trained to track human, firearm and ammunition scent, and to apprehend armed poachers). Also used as fence patrol dogs. 

  • Weimaraner as our detection dogs, trained to find live animals (wounded or orphaned, such as a rhino missing after its mother has been poached), dead animals (carcasses and bush meat), contraband (ivory, pangolin scales, rhino horn etc., and snares) and humans (e.g. poacher incursion and excursion on a boundary fence). Our Weimeraner also have apprehension capabilities.  Furthermore we use them for scat detection in research and monitoring projects.

  • Bloodhounds as cold sent trackers.

  • Spaniels where small dogs are required.

  • Blue Tick / Foxhound crosses , and as individual trackers

  • Bloodhound / Doberman crosses (“DBs”) for excellent trackers with apprehension abilities.

K9 SHIKAR and Moses.jpeg
K9 Shikar and Moses 
K9 Amy and ranger
K9 Impi & Kiran.jpeg
K9 Impi and Kiran Rahalkar
K9 Horne & Frans x.jpg
K9 Aqal & Boaz x.jpg
K9 Aqal and Boas Ngobeni
K9 DALLAS & Etienne x big.jpg
K9 Dallas and Etienne van Tonder
K9 ZOLA and Simon Mosotho x.jpg
K9 Zola and Simon Mosotho
K9 Horne and Frans Rathakolo
K9 Puma & James.jpg
K9 Max x big.jpg
K9 Max (R.I.P.)
K9 Katana & Tracey.jpg

K9 Katana and Tracey Basarokwe

K9 Puma and James Brackenbury
K9 ANA.jpg
K9 NASSAU & Azola. jpeg.jpeg

  K9 Nassau and Azola Smayine

  K9 Ana and her flock

_Catleila_ & Con.JPG

K9 Catleila with Conraad

DAVEY 1x.jpeg

K9 Davey and ranger

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Institure for personal close protection
  • K9 Conservation, directed by Conraad Geza de Rosner, is Canines for Africa's operational wing.  Our successes in the field are all thanks to this exceptional organization.

  • The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) has an impeccable ninety-year track record of conservation in Africa. Thanks to our association with its veteran conservationist Jeremy Anderson, WESSA has been covering the costs of some of our Rangers’ salaries and K9 operational expenses. 


  • The Elephant Coast Company supports conservation and eco tourism in Mozambique. Our unit in Sabie Game Park is operated in collaboration with them.


  • EZEMVELO (KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Board) has a partnership with K94A, through Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. 


  • Chengeta, created by the renowned Rory Young, who was tragically killed in Burkina Faso in 2021. K94A was working with Chengeta to develop new canine protocols for the Central African Republic. K94A previously sponsored K9 Amy in Mali. 


  • International Anti-Poaching Foundation was founded by Australian Damien Mander, who created the extraordinary all-female anti-poaching team know as the Akashinga.   

  • Take Action Trust works with us when follow-up assistance is needed in Zimbabwe

  • Institute for Personal Close Protection (IFPCP) handles our field operations in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park.​

  • Ten Directions is our US Fiscal Sponsor 


  • Earth Comix and Canines for Africa have published an educational comic on wildlife conservation.

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