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Our Sponsors are private individuals, foundations, institutions, companies and charities, from around the world.

As a Sponsor, you have the option of: 

  • Naming your dog,

  • Witnessing his training sessions first hand

  • Visiting the reserve where he operates

  • Introductions to his handler

  • Placing your logo on the uniforms of the rangers and on your dog's equipment 

  • Receiving regular updates on the activities and progress of your unit or team, enabling you to share your commitment to conservation

  • Being informed personally if your dog has saved an animal, caught a poacher, found contraband, or accomplished some other important feat.

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Our heartfelt thanks go to the many private donors​, companies and Foundations who have sponsored their own K9 units :

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The Centner Foundation

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We send our special thanks to the following individuals for their invaluable support, in one form or another:

                                  Jeremy Anderson                  Bettina and Peter Jones

                                  Edward Curtis                        Lady Susan Griffiths                         

                                  Alea Pindat                            Mr Patrick Maina



Once a Sponsor has funded one or several K94A units, we start the process of drawing together all the elements necessary to create the final product - a well trained, self-contained and highly efficient anti-poaching team. 

Included with each unit is:


  • Detailed research into the suitability of the recipient reserve

  • Careful selection of the future handler, including a polygraph test

  •  A sixty-day accredited and independently accessed training course
    for the Ranger, held at our dedicated centre in South Africa.
    All expenses are covered, including travel.

  • A top-quality service canine selected and trained for his or her specific role

  • Extensive K9 equipment

  • Shipment of the dog to his or her new home

  • One year integration work and performance support for dog and ranger in recipient reserve

A single-dog unit makes a significant impact on poaching outcomes in a reserve, a two-dog team more than doubles the effectiveness, while a three-dog team constitutes a fully autonomous anti-poaching force.

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Launched in 2016, Canines for Africa operates in the United States as a 501(c)3 through its fiscal sponsors and partner Ten Directions, thus allowing donations to be tax-deductible.  We are also a fully registered charity in the United Kingdom (#1109104)


80% of a donation received by Canines for Africa goes directly into the cost of creating and deploying the counter-poaching K9 units.

Our financial statements are fully transparent, and are registered with the Charities Commission in the UK.

Canines for Africa operates freely and legally in Africa and India thanks to its collaboration with K9 Conservation (K9C), directed by the exceptional Conraad Geza de Rosner. K9C is fully compliant with all government laws and requirements.  We are willing and able to provide to any potential donor or partner the following documents: 

  • Registration with the Department of Environmental Affairs

  • Registration with the Companies Act (section 14 of 2008)

  • Accreditation from SASSETA – Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority

  • License to carry firearms i.e. accreditation from PSIRA – Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority

  • Performing Animals Protection Act (act 24 of 1935)

  • Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (act 130 of 1993)

  • Public Liability Insurance